Saturday, April 25, 2015

Class Notebooks with Shared Computers

Every primary school, secondary school and university has shared computers and users with multiple devices. Are you looking for a best practice in using OneNote Class Notebooks in these settings? Learn how to ensure a consistent user experience across platforms and devices with a Web First approach.

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Nesting in OneNote Notebooks

Educators are amassing tremendous amounts of content in their Class Notebooks and struggling with how best to organize it all. In this short Mix I demonstrate some simple and practical solutions through nesting.

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Monday, October 13, 2014

Dear Citizens of Garnett, KS... Thank you,

Thank you. You have given me the privilege of serving in the greatest community in the nation. I am regularly humbled by the sheer magnitude of activities that must occur daily to keep this community running. It is truly a diverse business model with five separate utilities (electric, sewer, trash, water and gas) in addition to departments such as fire, police, parks and recreation. Beyond that we have an amazing public library that is the cultural center of our city and a housing authority that provides vital accommodations for our aging population. We have resources working every day to enhance our thriving economic development, tourism and community development efforts.

Over the past two and a half years, first as a City Commissioner and now Mayor, I have pulled back the curtain and seen this community from an angle that previously eluded me. I have admired the work of employees and volunteers alike as they toiled to ignite new flames of progress. I have witnessed the birth of a five year capital improvement plan and fumed over unfunded state mandates. Ultimately, I have developed a profound respect for those who have taken their turn in this position throughout our community’s illustrious history.

I want to thank the employees, volunteers, organizers and event coordinators who have really stepped up to enhance Garnett for us, our children and future generations. It has been more than a few events, activities and initiatives that have placed us on this precipice of change. In fact I would name it a genuine community improvement movement. While the efforts began years ago it has been in recent years that the momentum has really become evident.

I offer the following recognition not as an attempt at an exhaustive list rather it is a sampling to provide a sense of the true magnitude of the progress made by and for each of us: Corn Stock’s Concert on the Hill, return of the carnival at the Anderson County fair, junior tackle football league, Garnett Area Paint Project, expansion of the neighborhood revitalization program, a community recreational facility, a new elementary school, a new hospital, and of course multiple industrial businesses expanding and bringing new jobs to our community. Do not overlook the combined efforts of our Economic Development groups, city employees and several arts related organizations which have been combined to acquire a cultural improvement grant to enhance our already impressive arts community. To top it all off our history is returning to us with the all new Lake Garnett Grand Prix Revival (

Be certain I could have filled many paragraphs with the efforts of those whose chose to serve us, the community of Garnett. Now I must ask you the reader; do you see what I see? How are you helping to fuel these flames of progress? What’s next for you? Will you run for public office or volunteer to help at the next community event? Will you lead from the front or assist in your own way?

Preston W. Peine
Mayor of Garnett, KS
This article originally appeared in the Town Talk - Fall 2014.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

T.A.G. You're it!

Let’s play T.A.G. in 2014. Find the TENACITY to stay focused on what you want. Have the AUDACITY to strive for something just a little bigger than you thought possible. Show the GUMPTION necessary to get off the couch and take action. T.A.G. you’re it!

TAG You're It! by Preston Peine

A letter to my fellow citizens of Garnett, KS...

We the people of this humble community have collectively witnessed and participated in many exciting undertakings throughout 2013. From the activities that consume our free time to the events that strengthen our local economy we are left with many positive memories of the past year. Looking to 2014 it is up to each of us to choose to participate in the actions required to strengthen our fair city.

Many of the simple joys in life are what truly bind us together. We came together for events such as the local Easter Egg Hunt, Independence Day celebration, county fair, Cornfest, Art Walk, Christmas Parade, theatre performances, birthday parties, backyard barbeques and a plethora of other events. These events are integral to the relationships we form with our friends and family. In turn, they strengthen our community as a whole.

We the people can be proud of positive progress in education, business, government and community. In the past year public school enrollment increased and Neosho County Community College opened a technical center in Garnett. On the business front the East Kansas AgriEnergy ethanol plant restarted production, Rickerson Pipe Lining began a substantial expansion, Hurricane Services built a new facility to begin operations and multiple new businesses arrived on the square. Anderson County has started construction on a brand new hospital which is certain to add to the beauty of our already attractive town. The one event that sticks out in my mind as having really epitomized the wonder of our small community is the Garnett Area Paint Project. These and so many other items truly mark the strength and progress of Garnett and all of Anderson County.

What will 2014 bring for you, for me, for our friends and neighbors? No one knows for certain. What I do know is that each of the memories I listed from 2013 required the bold actions of average citizens. What bold action will you take to create positive change for your family? How can you be the change you want to see in the community? How will the lives of others be enriched by your actions?

Let’s play T.A.G. in 2014. Find the TENACITY to stay focused on what you want. Have the AUDACITY to strive for something just a little bigger than you thought possible. Show the GUMPTION necessary to get off the couch and take action. T.A.G. you’re it!

This article originally appeared in the Town Talk - Winter 2014.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Creating a PDF Binder for Board Document Packets

Step-by-Step Instructions for Creating a PDF Binder

  1. Organize all files into one Folder
  2. Rename files so that they are aligned with Agenda (e.g. "1.1  Minutes of Previous Meetings.docx" or "4.3 Budget Summary.xlsx"). These file names will be used as titles for the Bookmarks in the output PDF file.
  3. Within Acrobat Pro select File > Combine > Merge files into a single PDF
    1. Drag all files into the resulting window and arrange as necessary.   Remember to always place the Agenda page(s) first in the list.
    2. Next to File Size at the bottom right select the smaller file size suitable for Internet and E-mail
    3. Click the Options button and make certain the following options are selected (use other options as desired).
      1. Always add bookmarks to Adobe PDF
      2. Convert all files to PDF when creating a portfolio
    4. Click the Combine Files button to begin the conversion/creation process.
    5. Wait patiently as this can take a very long time especially if the files are not already in PDF format.
  4. Adjust existing Bookmarks and create additional ones as needed
    1. Show  the Bookmarks by clicking View > Navigation Panels > Bookmarks
    2. Create additional bookmarks by making the Acrobat Pro window as large as possible then scroll until you have the top of the page precisely where you want the bookmark and click Document > Add Bookmark (or Ctrl+B).
    3. Name the Bookmark according to the corresponding Agenda item (e.g. "1.1  Minutes of Previous Meetings" or "4.3 Budget Summary")
    4. Click and drag Bookmarks to place them in order. Remember to always place the Agenda bookmark and corresponding page(s) first in the document. Note that subtopics can be placed "beneath" primary topics by dropping them directly on top of the primary topic bookmark. This automatically creates a roll-up menu that is very eloquent.
    5. Save the document just in case anything goes wrong.
  5. Using the Select tool (a.k.a. the arrow) select each agenda item one by one and create links (a.k.a. buttons) to the bookmarks. Note: Some PDF viewers don't support bookmarks and others don't support links. By using both you will offer the greatest possible compatibility. Additionally, links are a tremendous help to users with touchscreen devices.
    1. Click and drag to select the first agenda item.
    2. Right click (or Ctrl+Click in Mac) and select Create Link
    3. Ensure "Go to a page view" is selected and click the Next button
    4. Click the Bookmark corresponding to the selected agenda item (created previously) which should take you to the correct page.
    5. Click the Set Link button. You will be returned to the Agenda page ready to repeat steps 1-5 until all links have been created.
    6. Save the document just in case anything goes wrong.
  6. Finally reduce the file size in Advanced > PDF Optimizer prior to distributing on the Internet or via Email. The Standard settings (found in the upper left corner of the settings window) should be sufficient for most documents.
  7. Distribute the combined document as needed.

Monday, December 12, 2011

How To Reset an Aruba Networks AP105 to Factory Defaults?

Yup, I screwed up. I tried to program an Aruba AP105 without doing my homework first. At the time, I was in a hurry and took the easy way out. I used my spare radio. However, as any good geek knows you should never leave your only available spare in a non working state. So, I set off on a journey to find out how to reset the factory defaults on my access point.

Truthfully, I cheated. I asked a support technician at the end of a call for an unrelated ticket. My pride prevents me from opening a ticket before I do any research and I was to lazy to do the research. If you are actually still reading this than you are substantially more motivated than I was.

I did find a link to a very hand set of generic instructions for Resetting Aruba AP to factory default from Enterprise Network Solutions. I have reposted their content with some minor adjustments to make the instructions specific to the AP105.

If you need to reset your Aruba AP105 to factory default it's really simple.

  1. Connect the serial console breakout adapter cable to the AP Ethernet port and your PC/Laptop
  2. Power on the AP and get into apboot mode. You'll see the option to go into AP boot mode when the AP is booting. You will have to press Enter within a 1 second window so pay attention to console messages during bootup.
  3. From the apboot prompt, enter the following commands
    apboot> factory_reset
    apboot> purgeenv
    apboot> save
    apboot> boot

That's it! Your Aruba AP's will now be set back to factory default.

Disclaimer: Geek Buddy (in no way affiliated with Enterprise Networks Solutions) assumes no responsibility, and shall not be liable for, any damages to your computer equipment/software or other property on account of your access to, use of, or browsing of this site.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Implementing Change Through The Proper Application of Technology

I was recently asked to complete an email based interview for a friend of mine who is studying for her Masters. Her assignment was to interview an Agent of Change. I was honored when she asked but also perplexed. I had never thought of myself in that light before. As it turns out, I was very pleased with the results of this extremely introspective endeavor. I have decided to share it with the world in the hopes that someone will find a way to refine it and use it for the good of all mankind (or more likely... to complete some project at work).

How have/do you effect change?
I have a bit of white knight complex. I have a grand passion for working with struggling departments or companies to find creative solutions through the proper application of technology. It is universally true that individuals and organizations alike severely underutilize and underestimate the technology they already have access to. It is nearly as common that they also misjudge the root of their challenges. My role is to leverage my skills and talents to help people identify the true root of a problem and engineer an apt system based on proven principles.

What are your strategies?
The key to any successful endeavor in my field is to first focus on building solid relationships with the key stakeholders in order to become a trusted advisor. It is common for people to withhold information about how or why they do things a certain way. I must achieve honest trust with everyone involved to gain the insight necessary to understand the root cause of any issue. This relationship with the core influencers is also paramount to deploying a solution that is accepted by the entire organization.

Every member of a team either works with me or against me. There is no such thing as neutral. A neutral stance by a key stakeholder is nearly always perceived as a negative attitude by those in their sphere of influence. It is not necessary to befriend or impress everyone. Instead I must focus on extracting confidence from those who are most influential.

What is the one change(s) you are most proud of?
Rockhurst High School is an institution that has existed for over 90 years.

I worked with Rockhurst High School, first as an employee, then as a consultant over a period of three and a half years. In that time my team was able to affect a fundamental change to their culture of technology. We were able to alter the approach to funding technology from a continuous series of unanticipated capital expenditures to a predicable operating budget. When I arrived at the school technology was perceived as a never ending series of unnecessary and unwanted changes that were rejected by nearly everyone. To this day technology is embraced by every educational discipline within the institution primarily due to the implementation strategy of pilot programs. Finally, it was the new focus on learning to use their tools to a fuller extent that ended the cycle of constant change and dramatically increased the effectiveness of new implementations. I am proud to say, I was reassured as recently as yesterday that these changes have remained the standard within the walls of that great institution.

Do you have a philosophy/framework for how you approach change?
  • Become a trusted advisor by building honest relationships
  • In order to solve a problem with technology you must first under the emotional need of those involved
  • Focus on trying to use existing resources whenever possible
  • Create champions who drive the change from within their own sphere of influence
    - My favorite way to do this is through focused pilot programs or test groups
  • Set realistic expectations (under promise and over deliver)
  • Make it fun and exciting to the recipients no matter how dull the project or goal may be
  • Educate early and often
    - Change is an ongoing endeavor that is tolerated most and feared least when it is thoroughly understood
    - Not just technical education. Value, reasoning, purpose and vision must be conveyed assiduously.

What resource(s) (news sites, webtool, conferences, etc.) do you find most valuable in keeping up?
Google - I am a habitual researcher so Google Search is indispensable. Google is also my communications platform which provides my email, text messaging, instant messaging, voice mail, call routing, call logging and even my cell phone operating system. Google has provided the core technologies for most of my recent major and minor projects. Their cloud based technologies offer diversity, flexibility, functionality, affordability and rapid deployment.

What step(s) do you recommend to start the "change process"?
  • Develop a passion. Whether you are driven by a need or by a desire to help others you must be driven.
  • Identify and define a specific need that can be met then relentlessly pursue a solution.
  • Help others see the need and seek guidance from as many people as possible but refuse to be detoured.
  1. Identify a focused need
  2. Strengthen relationships
  3. Seek out root causes
  4. Research possible solutions
  5. Engage champions
  6. Plan
  7. Execute
  8. Educate
  9. Evaluate/Test
  10. Repeat (Never Quit)